Why AI researchers are warning against robots

Richard Chamberlain September 10, 2019

Reviewing if artificial intelligence will destroy humanity

Why AI researchers are warning against robots

In the 2004 sci-fi thriller I, Robot that starred Will Smith in the lead role,   got to see why warning against robots need to be taken seriously. Though the film shows robots in the positive light at the beginning, the story soon takes a turn as a particular series of robots go mad and almost end up making humanity obsolete. Thus, it gave an idea of what lies behind the possible threats saying artificial intelligence will destroy humanity some day based mainly upon the fact that AI’s efficiency lays in redoubling its technological advancement based upon all AI participants by factors of incredible sums. Humanity’s advancement is of course one of a lumbering nature made manifest by the eventual discoveries based solely through singular individuals.

Against AI

Throughout his life, Stephen Hawking was curiously skeptical of AI (artificial intelligence). Though he never doubted the competence of AI, he believed a day would come when AI would surpass human intelligence, thus letting machines snatch control of things and the overall planet from the hands of humans.

The CEO of SpaceX – Elon Musk, also echoes similar sentiments. At the 2017 NGA Summer Meeting, he called AI a fundamental risk to human civilization’s existence.

Why human needs to beware of robots

Films like The Matrix and I, Robot depict a warning against robots. Even fiction like Richard W. Chamberlain’s Tick Tock Universe warns against robots while one goes back in time till he/she exceeds the accretion disc and enters the physical forces of the singularity.

Many tech leaders and AI experts predict that that in case robots become smarter than humans, they would be capable of making unimaginable weapons easily and even end up manipulating human leaders successfully.  Since the robots would be able to take off on their own, and redesign themselves at a growing rate, it would soon supersede humans, who would be incapable of competing due to the limitations of their slow biological evolution. However, such a warning against robots doesn’t mean stopping all projects related to AI development. Rather, government regulation should be framed and implemented, which ensure the technology driving these robots and other AI-powered machines doesn’t go rogue.



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