Time ship with single side

Richard Chamberlain September 3, 2019

Reviewing what timeship relativity means

Time ship with single side


The concept of time ship (which is a time machine capable of time traveling either by design or via external/accidental forces), has been featured in several films, TV series, and fiction. Be it the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, the Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow, Time Machine by H. G. Wells, The Time Ships by Stephen Baxter, or Tick Tock Universe by Richard W. Chamberlain, one would find these time machines forming the central premise in these and many more. For those wondering what these machines are and how they function, here’s an overview of some popular time ships.

The Star Trek Universe

The TV series Star Trek featured Starfleet, which was the deep space defense and exploratory service that the United Federation of Planets maintained. Starfleet operated the USS Relativity (NCV-474439-G), which had powerful sensors that were equipped to perform space-time scans. Additionally, USS Relativity (which is sometimes called time ship relativity) had a temporal transporter, which was capable of beaming a person to almost any point in time and space. This timeship was commanded by Captain Braxton.

Aeon time ship is another time machined from the world of Star Trek. This 29th Century timeship too was operated by Starfleet and had Captain Braxton as its commanding officer. Through the creation of temporal rifts, timeship Aeon was able to travel through time.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Waverider was Rip Hunter’s time ship, which he took to the year 2016 to enlist selected heroes and villains as part of his team, who he believed would help him rid history of Vandal Savage. An interesting feature of the time ship in Legends of Tomorrowwas the ship’s AI computer named Gideon.



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