Know more about after death theories

Richard Chamberlain August 6, 2019

Reviewing life after death experience theories

Know more about after death theories

One will find many who either refuse to accept or worry about the idea of life’s absolute end. Thanks to several after death theories, many have a firm belief in some form of existence even after death. If some quantum physicists are to be believed, life creates the universe and not vice versa. This indicates that though the bodies would die, the consciousness will still live on as long as there is a Universe in which to exist within. Biocentrism is another theory that talks about an infinite number of universes and says death doesn’t exist in the true sense in these scenarios as all possible universes exist at the same time and each individual is replicated throughout them all, irrespective of what death event  occurs within any one of them.

Here are some brief overviews of death and dying theories.

Near-death experience (NDE)

Many life after death experience theories are actually based on what some people experienced after they were dead for some minutes and then brought back. While some people explain going down a tunnel with a bright light at the end, some others mentioned interacting with their deceased relatives, or having an out-of-body-experience (OBE) where they could view themselves outside of their bodies and even tell things that were happening to them. The researchers at the University of Kentucky gave an explanation for NDEs, saying that they were actually REM (rapid eye movement) intrusions, which were triggered in the brain due to traumatic events such as cardiac arrest or a fatal accident brought to the subconscious mind. Others feel that the very different NDE experiences are nothing more than oxygen deprivation to an already traumatized brain. This would explain the perceived light at the end of a tunnel effect as the awareness of the individual slowly narrows to an existential point just before the pervasive darkness of the full death event. Should an individual be resuscitated after this blackness, then what is recalled is that tunnel of diminishing awareness.

Out-of-body-experience (OBE)

OBEs too feature among several after death theories. Dr. Olaf Blanke, a Swiss neurologist, found a misfiring in the temporal parietal junction is responsible for triggering OBEs. It’s important to note here that the temporal parietal junction is responsible for sorting through the huge amount of disparate information that the human brain is assaulted with and organizing it together into a logical package. It should be noted as well that there have been numerous claims of OBEs that had nothing to do with death. To mention two such examples; OBEs during sleep and also OBEs during meditation. Some of these events have been proven to the individual but to a less than scientific manner.

Apart from these, death in paradise theories too have often baffled many and though religious explanations for the same are readily available, precise scientific explanations are yet to come to the forefront.




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