How to contact with aliens – what fiction movies say

Richard Chamberlain July 16, 2019

Reviewing films about first contact with aliens

contact with aliens

Ever since the human species gained sufficient imagination to consider that other creatures might be inhabiting other stars, questions concerning their existence and ways to contact them have started popping up. Also, the conundrum of how humans would communicate with aliens has been seriously considered in recent years. Surely, there would be a lot of potential obstacles that humans would need to face. These may include language differences, differences in the physical form and method of producing and detecting sounds etc.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, aliens have been a major buzz around the movie industry. It has taken over the science fiction genre and received huge popularity because of the unlimited possibilities which the concepts and new offerings extraterrestrials might offer human kind. There’re some extremely popular films about first contact with aliens which have been made. Below is but a small example of them.


Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

The movie Star Trek: First Contact is based on aliens and directed by Jonathan Frakes, and is the eighth film of the “Star Trek” film series. It eventually made $146 million worldwide.


Mars Attacks (1996)

Directed by Tim Burton, Mars Attacks may not be considered a perfect film, however it does depict how to make contact with aliens and feature lots of funny moments. It’s surely a must-watch for those who love to watch absurd adventure.


E.T. the Extra-terrestrial (1982)

It’s one of the greatest movies that illustrates contacts with aliens and a Steven Spielberg classic. The movies depict a simple, heartbreaking, and loving tale of friendship between a young boy and a homesick alien.



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