Know more about String Theory applied to Calabi-Yau spaces

Richard Chamberlain August 13, 2019

Comprehending what is Calabi-Yau space and its relation to String Theory

In the domains of both physics and mathematics, there’s a lot of interest in Calabi-Yau spaces. Those who wonder if they are somehow related to Calabi Yau by Tesseract, which is a song, should know the Calabi-Yau spaces in this post are different. Some may even find Calabi-Yau pron . . .

Know more about after death theories

Richard Chamberlain August 6, 2019

Reviewing life after death experience theories

One will find many who either refuse to accept or worry about the idea of life’s absolute end. Thanks to several after death theories, many have a firm belief in some form of existence even after death. If some quantum physicists are to be believed, life creates the universe and not vice versa. This indicates . . .

Cosmology and theoretical topics about the Universe

Richard Chamberlain July 30, 2019

Reviewing interesting topics about the universe

Topics about the universe have fascinated humans for ages. Be it fiction or films, interesting topics about the universe have acted as inspiration for many. Richard W. Chamberlain’s book “Tick Tock Universe” is one book where readers can find interesting scientific subjects (black hole, in particular) ac . . .

Black Hole theory as applies to Sagittarius

Richard Chamberlain July 23, 2019

Reviewing black hole theory by Stephen Hawking

From science fiction movies to books, black holes remain a subject that intrigues almost everyone. One can consider the movie "Interstellar" that showed falling into a black hole doesn’t mean it’s the end of the path. In fiction, one may consider black hole theory as applie . . .

How to contact with aliens – what fiction movies say

Richard Chamberlain July 16, 2019

Reviewing films about first contact with aliens

Ever since the human species gained sufficient imagination to consider that other creatures might be inhabiting other stars, questions concerning their existence and ways to contact them have started popping up. Also, the conundrum of how humans would communicate with aliens has been seriously considered in re . . .

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