An overview of budding romance

Richard Chamberlain August 20, 2019

Reviewing budding romance meaning

An overview of budding romance

John Lennon once said – “Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.” In one of her quotes on love, Helen Keller equated love to a beautiful flower, which even when not touched makes the garden where it booms a place of delight, thanks to its fragrance. One will even find Victor Hugo’s quote where he proclaims love to be the honey of life (which he calls the flower). Just like these romantic quotes, one can find several budding romance quotes, which indicate what a magical phase this is in a person’s life, irrespective of his or her gender.

Budding romance meaning

Those wondering what budding romance means should know it refers to the initial phase of a romantic relationship. When talking about flowers, the term “budding” refers to the phase of growing the brand new buds. Thus, when someone talks about a budding rose bush, what s/he means is that it’s getting ready to burst into bloom. Using the same analogy, being in a budding romance means having a romantic liaison that’s about to burst into a new stage of excitement.

Those looking for budding romance definition will find the above in most places. It’s believed that the term “budding” comes most likely from the Old French word “boter” that means “to push forward or thrust.” Thus, a budding romance could also mean a romantic relationship that has started to develop and shows great promise in the long-term.

Of course, it can be noted that there is nothing like the event of the wonderous “First Love”. Such a romance, though seldom long term, contains within the greatest of all emotional effects a young person may ever encounter; an emotional effect that will in most occasions remain within the person as he goes on through life resulting many lifelong events where one will reminisce most fondly.

Presence in films and fiction

Several romantic films and fiction are based on this premise – from the classic Cinderella to Before Sunrise, You’ve Got Mail, Titanic, and Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to modern day fiction like Erich Segal’s Love Story, Nicholas Sparks’ The Notebook, or even Richard W. Chamberlain’s sci-fi titled Echoes Through Time, which is taken a step forward in his book Tick Tock Universe.



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