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Echoes through TimeCan Earth be saved?

Tick Tock UniverseAnother adventure awaits

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Echoes through Time

While the Earth is dying, the planet receives a strange message. It restricts the Earth Space Program from traveling any further into space outside the outer planets.

To resolve their suspicions, the Earth Council looks for someone to participate in a special project that may help save the planet. Enter Jerome, the chosen participant, who leaves everything behind to embark in a time-traveling mission.

But will he succeed?


Tick Tock Universe

The sequel to Echoes of Time, this second book of the Harvester Series once again follows Jerome’s adventures. This time, however, the story begins with him imprisoned. Stuck in another dimension, he cannot help but miss his loved ones on Earth, especially his beloved Kate.

While in captivity, he meets an unusual being who changes his perception, therefore seeing the universe in another light.

Will Jerome escape captivity? What is in store for him upon his freedom?


About the Author

Richard W. Chamberlain served in the US Navy submarine force for twelve years. He earned a mathematics degree from Idaho State University and studied astrophysics after his medical discharge. He also had a long career in the nuclear industry until turning himself in to the DAV.

After retirement, he studied physics and other fields related to quantum physics and cosmology. At present, he is writing, reading, and studying electronics.


Echoes through Time

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Jerome frowned at her and illustrated the digital dexterity of his middle digit for her to gaze upon. When she gave no response, he thought angrily as to the wisdom of teaching her the recondite language of the more licentious hand gestures of Earth.

“Weapons are off-line,” declared Doc. The enemy ships had all but surrounded them and were firing rapidly, using multiple bursts of their most effective energy weapons. Those shields were weakening rapidly

In Jerome’s jumbled thoughts, along with his pressing need to proceed with informing the professor and Katie of all that had transpired since leaving Earth, there pulsed a warm feeling toward this lovely woman, and he was secretly pleased by what AK had said. For it was true. All so true.

Tick Tock Universe

Book copies available at litfire amazon barnes

Jerome was no longer available due to his capture by the strange ship they encountered in space, and since there was no need presently for an astrophysicist at the Ganymede Station, Professor Massey was left to lecture back on Earth.

The failure to convince the Council concerning the Harvesters left the Galaxy at risk, should the formidable Harvesters return and rebuild the Conduit. Now, with the loss of Jerome, there was no way to know what horrible events were coming next.

The Elderace was held by a vice so tightly compelling that any thought or action which could free them, brought them and all the peoples of the Multiverse only death. The King, wisest of them all, knew this.

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